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Project Lead the Way Training

I am learning another Project Lead the Way (PLTW) unit called Green Architecture.

When you first hear about PLTW, teachers say the training is intense. “Intense” defines a degree.  Unless you are talking heat, I have no idea what intense means.

The PLTW training is not easy just because you learn so very much. I guess you can call it intense learning but the adjective is wrong. My brain hurts and I love it.  Monumental? No.  Thought provoking? Yes but with a more intense adjective. Tee-hee

Sunday we started with introductions. There are five “students” and ten support personnel. I did not just make a typo, really. I counted 4 tech support, 2 Master Teachers (our instructors), the regional associate, a University of Illinois professor, an administrator, and some random guy with long hair and a nice smile. He was the omniscient one most everyone looked at regularly.  He should have been wearing a white robe he was so ethereal.

On Sunday lessons included interesting topics, Greensburg, Kansas, architectural styles, LEED certification, and air quality. We learned until 5:30PM.

The next morning we hit the ground at 8AM sharp, absorbing architectural vocabulary, architectural scales, perimeter, area, floor coverings, paint estimates, and floor plans. I called it Math Day. After a working lunch, we kept going until 5:30PM. The homework? Measure your hotel room and make a scale model including all walls, furniture, and electrical.  Armed with a tape measure and a lovely bottle of white wine, I finished my homework by 10:30PM. Intense?

 The next day we worked on Revit, learning how to make a floor plan. We used our hotel room scale model as a guide and began to draw the room on Revit. We then dove into reading floor plans, room relationships and sizes, construction vocabulary, insulation, R-values, formulas for determining R-values and Q-values. I thought yesterday was Math Day! The Grand Finale was the construction of a shed model. We constructed the shed and tested the question, “Which material insulates best?”

Is that not just so cool?

I love it. I am FINALLY getting to pair my Chicago Architecture Foundation training and my science education experience together.  The homework? Design a disaster home using four recycled shipping containers as a base, due tomorrow at noon. I guess intense now has another definition for me. Loving every minute of it.


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