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STEM Not Just Why But HOW!

Teachers are inundated with “we-shoulds”. Connect Ed helps us determine HOW we can incorporate STEM and career concepts. Check out the California Center for College and Career site
This site has really useful stuff.

Look under the Curriculum tab for resources.
Tabs are divided into the user’s needs including
Work-Based Learning
Integrated Units

I integrate the math used with our math textbooks so I used the math curriculum ideas under Support Curriculum. These are not just lessons but ideas for teacher trainers and easy to understand “How to Guides.” Check it out, you may like it!


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Project Lead the Way Training

I am learning another Project Lead the Way (PLTW) unit called Green Architecture.

When you first hear about PLTW, teachers say the training is intense. “Intense” defines a degree.  Unless you are talking heat, I have no idea what intense means.

The PLTW training is not easy just because you learn so very much. I guess you can call it intense learning but the adjective is wrong. My brain hurts and I love it.  Monumental? No.  Thought provoking? Yes but with a more intense adjective. Tee-hee

Sunday we started with introductions. There are five “students” and ten support personnel. I did not just make a typo, really. I counted 4 tech support, 2 Master Teachers (our instructors), the regional associate, a University of Illinois professor, an administrator, and some random guy with long hair and a nice smile. He was the omniscient one most everyone looked at regularly.  He should have been wearing a white robe he was so ethereal.

On Sunday lessons included interesting topics, Greensburg, Kansas, architectural styles, LEED certification, and air quality. We learned until 5:30PM.

The next morning we hit the ground at 8AM sharp, absorbing architectural vocabulary, architectural scales, perimeter, area, floor coverings, paint estimates, and floor plans. I called it Math Day. After a working lunch, we kept going until 5:30PM. The homework? Measure your hotel room and make a scale model including all walls, furniture, and electrical.  Armed with a tape measure and a lovely bottle of white wine, I finished my homework by 10:30PM. Intense?

 The next day we worked on Revit, learning how to make a floor plan. We used our hotel room scale model as a guide and began to draw the room on Revit. We then dove into reading floor plans, room relationships and sizes, construction vocabulary, insulation, R-values, formulas for determining R-values and Q-values. I thought yesterday was Math Day! The Grand Finale was the construction of a shed model. We constructed the shed and tested the question, “Which material insulates best?”

Is that not just so cool?

I love it. I am FINALLY getting to pair my Chicago Architecture Foundation training and my science education experience together.  The homework? Design a disaster home using four recycled shipping containers as a base, due tomorrow at noon. I guess intense now has another definition for me. Loving every minute of it.

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