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Today in STEM

Today we focused on a Design Brief. This Project Lead The Way document helps students understand the client/engineer relationship.

Yesterday we saw an episode of Design Squad. Using their dream inventions, students filled out a sheet to convince clients to buy their project. I use a pretend scenario that goes like this…

Pretend you and you table partners have invented similar products. Each of you manufactures the product and employee 200 people. Your biggest competitor is sitting next to you. How are you going to convince the client to choose your product? If you get the contract, what happens? If you don’t get the contract, what could happen? How many of you think this is true to life?

The kids knew it was true to life and performed wonderfully. There is a huge writing literacy component to the lesson. I asked them to take out vocabulary and spelling lists from LA/Reading and use descriptive adjectives to describe their products. Students collaborated and helped each other write descriptions. As a self-described eavesdropper, I heard ,”What is vigilance?” It was answered correctly and I heard, “That’s a good one!”

I made it harder when I explained that Design Problems can be up to three sentences but Design Statements must only be one sentence. They groaned. I laughed because they always groan about having to write too much. Engineering rocks


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