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This Week in STEM

I started the week after spring break with an integrated math activity on Autodesk Inventor Pro. The BIG IDEA is threefold. I wanted to give them authentic practice on Autodesk Inventor Pro AND I wanted to integrate with the geometry kids were learning in math class. I also wanted to understand why precise measurement is so important.

I asked students to draw 10 different shapes, rhombus, trapezoid, etc.  and give each other shape gestures to get some kinesthetic learning going. This was hilarious to them because when an 8th grade teacher says “gesture”, it usually means one finger.

I demonstrated how to use Autodesk Inventor Pro by drawing and dimensioning a circle and using the fillet tool to make a hockey puck. I asked kids to go on their computers and make their shapes using the specific dimensions I gave them. I use only metric units because it is a Science class.  I made small and large metric units because in Autodesk Inventor Pro the shapes “look” the same size.

The students worked on using the computer to draw and dimension the 10 shapes. They extruded shapes and chose 5 shapes to be assessed.

We discussed how a chair is assembled and I explained how to create an assembly on Autodesk Inventor Pro. Kids placed their shapes and created original sculpture and furniture. As they were working on assemblies, I was working assessing the shapes they had finished and helping the students with problems. The kids had fun and I was glad to help those who needed more instruction.


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