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Collaboration Strategies: What works for You?

I’ve been working on collaboration strategies all year. I have found that I use different strategies as I teach engineering design. Here are some strategies for developing design ideas:
Sharing strategies: Developing Design Ideas
1. Give One Get One: give one of your ideas to another, get one from another.
2. Stand Up and Share: One minute: share the science behind your idea
3. 6 Stations: 6 Stations around the room, kids go for two minutes at each station then rotate. As a Master Teacher for Betterlesson.com you can check out my movie of this strategy in action at http://bit.ly/1HPxrrV
Blind Man’s Bluff: Place your design idea on your head facing out and find someone with a design like yours. Discuss how they are alike and why.

What are some of your favorite STEM strategies?


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