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Today In STEM

With the 20 minute periods (ISAT testing) we will be having quite a good time. My Curriculum Director asked me to present at a board meeting on March 20. I thought I’d have the kids do it. First volunteers will present the power point presentations they created for “What is STEM?” Then, we will present our zoo blast books, telling a story of the Design Process. Finally, we can show what we’ve designed. By the end of March I hope to have started AutoDesk Inventor Pro.

One of my pet peeves is when my students produce an amazing product, they earn 100%, and I see it in the trash bin or they ask, “Can I trash this?” The products must be more authentic. My first step is to bring in the parents to give the kids an authentic audience. I say, “Take it home. It is great!” but some 8th graders won’t take it home. I’m hoping QR codes will provide electronic “coolness”.

I put up a QR code today on a sign at the main door of the building that says “What’s this weird symbol?” It links to our school’s web site. I hope to generate some interest and curiosity. I put my name on it and am anxiously awaiting a question from a student, or an adult. I REALLY want to start a QR code revolution. Next week my students will build QR codes and take them home for the parents to view their works in progress or finished products.

Then I hope to have a really good story….


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