Licensed Pilot/Math-STEM Integration

I made it. I am now a licensed pilot and so happy to be flying! I can’t wait to start telling the flying stories in class. I passed my check ride in flying colors. My stalls were all clean and the diversion to Aurora, IL went really well. The comment of my examiner was, ” You are very comfortable in the airplane.” So nice…so happy to have a dream come true.
I’m back at school ready for Math/STEM integration. We moved to 90 minute blocks and I share 45 minutes of the 90 minute block with the math teacher. We have been looking at the math lessons and working on ways to integrate the lesson in STEM. We’ve had some really cool ideas.

I went on Google Images and looked for how robots are used for society and found six of bar graphs and a line graph. The lesson included answering the following questions.

Directions: Each person at the table takes a different graph.

 Answer the following questions.

1. What kind of graph is this (bar, pie, etc.)?

2. Explain why is this type of graph the best way to represent the information.

3. What would be another way to represent this information?

4. Using numbers, explain information that may be interesting to you or any other person.

5. In one sentence for each set of data, make three inferences using the words, “It appears…”, and/or, “The data suggests..” .

6. In one sentence, explain what is surprising about the data.

I used questions I felt could be used for any graph. I was happy with the answers especially the inference question. The kids came up with ideas I never even noticed. The math teacher was happy with the analysis of the numbers. We co-taught the lesson about data tables and graphs and how they are used together. Anyone out there have a suggestion to make it better?

We are deep in robotics. Gear ratios and mechanical advantage have been discussed and kids are building the gears. I went total electronic this year and I am loving the applications. We are using Google Docs. Kids are share a presentation and upload pictures of their built gears. They answer specific questions (gear ratios, types of movement, etc.) about the following gears: Simple Drive Trains, Idler, Bevel, Worm and Wheel, Rack and Pinion, Differential, and Chain Drive. Mechanisms will be starting towards the end of the week.

Having a great time!








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