I’m had another great day in Atlantic City. My 10:30 AM presentation went well. I was surprised by the numbers and I feel badly that I did not have enough handouts. The presentation explained how I use the theme of world problems to excite kid’s creative spirit and imagination by using the process of design. The feed back on my feedback form was wonderful. I feel especially good about the questions, “What will you take back to school?” and “What was your AHA moment?” The answers varied, “sustainability lessons”, “Asking the students to create the rubric.” and “Using the design process” were some of the repeated comments.
Teachers said they needed a step by step lesson plan. It is hard to explain how my lessons are a series of trial and error (mostly error) over time. Having said that, I created a power point that helps me structure the lessons. When I get home, I’ll post it, if I remember. 🙂
The best place to start daily STEM, is with two questions, “Think about how you can help solve a world problem with what you learn today.” and “How could what we do today help solve a world problem?”
From there structure the lesson plans using the design process. If you Google “design process” go to images, and find the steps you like best. Create a slide show, one step per page, and write your lesson.
STEM is a way of using design, backed up by science, math, and technology. Eventually as you work with the design process, the other content comes naturally.


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