Today In STEM

How does math make the job of an engineer, scientist and inventor easier?

I put together a slide show with google images of cars, buildings, and floor plans. In table the kids had to discuss how engineers used math. The math teachers gave me words to use: perimeter, area, probability, proportion, scale model, volume, square foot, angles, x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, and coordinate plane. 

I use bandanas to make discussions fair. Each table has a bandana and the kids have to each take a turn with the bandana. I ask the question how do you think engineers use the following words? The pictures help the kids determine where math is used. It is a cooperative activity because the person standing up reflects the entire table. They are not allowed to stand until they feel comfortable with the answer. 

After each question was discussed I ended with the following directions: 

Write a three bullet point summary and answer

How do engineers use math to make their job easier?

Use the following words: algebra, perimeter, area, coordinate plane, proportion, integers positive and negative, or ratios.

I will grade the summaries. 



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