Today in STEM

The kids viewed all power points in a Live Museum, a way to share all projects without using up valuable instructional time. We discussed the criteria of a good power point. The comments about the purpose of power points and what makes them convincing or memorable was interesting. Many kids said they loved the images and I asked if the image helped them to remember what was said. Some said, “Yes”, some, “No”. This started the conversation about what made the words powerful. Everyone agreed that having statistics and telling a story, as opposed to just listing the statistics, was important.They pointed to power points that used images to go along with the statistics. I’ll see next time who learned what.

I showed the Connect a Million Minds movie called The Opus.  After the movie I had 75% of the students, on a show of hands, indicated that the movie was true about American kids. I asked if it was true about our school. Fewer hands. I asked if it was true about themselves. Fewer hands went up. Finally we discussed the statement from the movie, “The cool kids are the smart kids.” It was a great discussion that went all over the place. I wish I had asked them a second time if they still thought the movie was true of American kids even though kids thought it was not true at our school.

I had a few kids make movies indicating their feelings about Math and Science. The kids were passionate and upset that anyone would think that they were like the kids in the movie.

I love talking to them about what is important in THEIR future and why adults do the crazy things they do.

We ended the lesson with the pictures of my flight over Chicago. Another good day in the classroom.


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